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Pages that have content in English, in no particular order:


Sami Korhonen's Winter War pages – great site on the Winter War of 1939-1940. Recommended reading. 

Bair Irincheev's Mannerheim Line pages – site on Finnish Winter War fortifications on the Karelian isthmus.



Tank Museum – Parola, Finland. Great place with lots to see, please visit.

Axis History Forum – discussion forum on World War II history.

Arctic War – site dedicated to World War II history in the circumpolar area of Europe.

Anders Valdre's Soviet terror air raids over Tallinn site – information on the Soviet bombing of Tallinn, Estonia.

Miehikkälä Salpa Line Museum – information on the Salpa Line defensive fortifications in Finland.

The Mannerheim Museum – Helsinki, Finland. The villa that was Marshal Mannerheim’s home 1924-1951.

Infantry Museum – Mikkeli. History of Finnish Infantry.

Virtual Finland – Your window on Finland. General information on Finland including a section on Finland’s history.

The War in Pictures – sodat kuvina. Pictures and maps of Finland’s wars 1918 – 1945.

Gunwriters on "Suomi" – the story of KP/-31 submachine gun “Suomi” – Suomi-konepistoolin tarina.

Military Maps of World War II – a Russian site with maps, in English and Russian - по-русски.

The Battle for Stalingrad – lots of information on Stalingrad; maps, pictures, documents.

Luftwaffe Resource Center – pictures and information on Luftwaffe and its equipment.

Finnish Military Page – collection on information regarding Finland in the Second World War.

Matti Yrjölä's Finland in World War II  - overview with lots of links to other sites.

Marskinmaja – Mannerheim’s hunting cabin. Information on Mannerheim.

The Russian Battlefield – a Russian site with interviews, maps, pictures.

The Karelian Rampart – a group of Russians looking for the remains of fallen soldiers in Karelia.

Northern Fortress – castles, forts and fortifications in Northwest Russia and Finland, in English and Russian.


Northern Fortress


MapSite – free-to-use map of Finland, scales down to 1:16,000 covering the whole country.

Generals of World War II – short biographies of the Generals of different countries.

Camp Degerö – an adventure camp near Helsinki with drivable tanks (including a T-34) and other vehicles.

Fallen Soldiers Database – search for details on Finnish soldiers who fell in the Second World War 1939 – 1945.

Kubinka Tank Museum – very interesting museum near Moscow, Russia.

Central Armed Forces Museum – Moscow, Russia.

Ribbons of Orders and Decorations around the World – site on military orders and decorations of different countries.

Mosin Nagant – collectors’ site.

Gunboards – gun collectors’ forum.

Porkkala – area leased by the Soviets for a naval base 1944 – 1956, in Finnish, Swedish and English.

C.G.E. Mannerheim – in Finnish, Swedish, German, English and Russian - по-русски.

The Genealogical Society of Finland – in Finnish, Swedish and English.
Silent Wall - interesting site with lots of photos, includes a tour of the Harparskog Line.

ProKarelia – site discussing and advocating the return of the ceded areas. Content in several languages.

Kev Os 4 - Finnish Army wartime photos and militaria, re-enactors in the U.S.

Red Army Studies – a site with lots of interesting material, including translations of Russian texts.

Jaeger Platoon – Finnish Army 1918 – 1945. Great site with e.g. details on the weapons used by the Finnish Army.

The Atlantic Wall Linear Museum – a project on the Atlantic Wall German fortifications.
Andreas Larka's Finnish WWII Armour Site  - lot's of photos of tanks used by the Finns.
RKKA in World War II - a Russian site on the role of the Red Army in WWII, in English.
The Museum for the Estonian Struggle for Freedom - unofficial site with content in Estonian, Finnish and English.
The German Armed Forces 1919 - 1945 - German military history site with lots of data.
The Military Archives of Finland - one of my favorite places to spend time in; contents in Finnish, Swedish, English.
Military Museum in Helsinki - another great place. Information on the museum in Finnish, Swedish, English.
Finnish Awards - a site for collectors of Finnish militaria, with an active discussion forum. In English.
The Hanko Front - Hangon rintama - an outstanding site on the Hanko Front 1940 - 1941, lots of maps and photos.
Military Maps of the Second World War - another site with maps, geographical atlases and links.



Interesting pages that have content in English but are not directly related to the topic:


Russian fortifications from World War I in Helsinki – Helsingin maa- ja merilinnoitus - Крепость Свеаборг.



Pages in Finnish:


Suomen Sodat -multimedia – a multimedia production on the Continuation War. One of the sources for this site.

Tyrjän rykmentin eli JR7:n kotisivu – site dedicated to the 7th Infantry Regiment, Jalkaväkirykmentti 7.

Salpaportaali – a central site for information regarding the Salpa Line. Links to Salpa Line museums.

Päämajamuseo – museum of Mannerheim’s war-time headquarters in Mikkeli.

Sotahistoriallinen seura – Society of Military History in Finland - liity jäseneksi! Hakulomake täältä.

Panssarikilta – the Tankmen’s Guild.

Työväen keskusmuseon Punaiset muistomerkit -tietokanta – monuments and memorials of the Red Finns of 1918.

Espoon reserviläiset – the army reservists in Espoo.

Antikvariaatit verkossa – second-hand bookshops on the Internet.

Luovutettu Karjala – site on the Karelian areas ceded to the Soviet Union.

Torpin tykit – a private museum in Inkoo with artillery pieces and vehicles.

Suomenmaan kartta – a map of Finland from 1898.

Luton Miehet – Er.Os.P, Petsamon erillisosasto – Detached Unit P at war 1941 – 1944.

Kadettikunta – the Cadet Union of Finland.
Pohjois-Kymenlaakson Asehistoriallinen Yhdistys - weapons history, discussion forum.
Mannerheim-ristin ritarit - a list of the Mannerheim's Cross Knights.

Taistelujen Maailma koeajaa – Pahkasika magazine test drives a Stu 40.
Wiking-Divisioona Oy - this company sells German replica militaria in Finland.

MPK - National Defence Training Association of Finland, gives voluntary military training for reservists .
EsKaPAT - Espoo - Kauniainen Local  Section for MPK.



Pages in Russian – по-русски:


Карельский Укрепрайон – KaUR - the Karelian Fortified Region. Soviet fortifications on Karelian Isthmus facing the Finnish border.

Рабоче-Крестьянская Красная Армия – RKKA, pages on the history of the Red Army.

Карельский перешеек – Karelian Isthmus, important sites and monuments.

Победители солдаты Великой Войны – an animated map of the Great Patriotic War.

Блокада Ленинграда – a site on the siege of Leningrad.

Русско-финский военный разговорник – Russian – Finnish military phrase book.

ОРУЖИЕ ПОБЕДЫ – material on the tanks, planes and ships of the Soviet Union and other items, e.g. military songs of CCCP.

Окрестности Петербурга – St. Petersburg environs. Lots of material regarding St. Petersburg and Karelian Isthmus.

Историко-краеведческое объединение "Карелия" – a Russian site on the history of Karelia.

Talvisota в 3D моделях – 3D models of Winter War scenes.
Русский фортификационный сайт - a site on Russian fortifications with an active discussion forum.
Северный рубеж - North Front re-enactment club, contains photos of re-enactment sessions.



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