April 13, 2005                  Site opened with Background and Attack 1941 content.

April 18, 2005                  Added content for the Trench warfare section and updated list of sources with relevant info.

April 26, 2005                  Added content for Defense 1944.

May 8, 2005                     Added content for Lapland

August 10, 2005              Added translations of texts from “Tyrjän rykmentti” and “Siiranmäen miehet” to the Miscellany section.
August 16, 2005              Added the translation of "Combat Unit Kiiskinen's..." to Miscellany->Various texts...

September 28, 2005       Added content for After the War.

October 3, 2005               Added more texts into Miscellany.

October 12, 2005             Opened Photo Gallery with initial content.

October 18, 2005             More content to Photo Gallery.
June 2, 2006                     Added a few pictures to Photo Gallery.
June 7, 2006                     Opened Discussion Forum, for now just as a test.
October 4, 2006               For news on the site, please check the forum, I am using that for news from now on.

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