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This page contains links to various texts related to the Continuation War. These include translations of texts in Finnish books, War Diaries, articles etc.

JR 7 SPK 1943 

Excerpt from “Tyrjän rykmentti”

Selected parts of a book on the Tyrjä Regiment, i.e, 7th Infantry Regiment (JR 7) 1941 – 1944.


Excerpt from "Siiranmäen miehet"

Parts of another book that deals mostly with the 2nd Division battles in June 1944, but also touches on the trench war period.

Combat Unit Kiiskinen’s reconnaissance mission on Karelian Isthmus on December 15, 1943
Article from the war magazine "Kansa Taisteli", issue 12/1975.


These texts talk about battles in the Ohta sector of the trench war period, in the 7th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Division area on Karelian Isthmus.¨

War Diary of 3rd Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment (III/JR 28) between Sebtember 3 - 15, 1941.
During this time the battalion crossed the 1939 state border and advanced to Ohta, where Captain Aimo Ojanen fell in front of what would become to be known as "Ojanen's bunker", on September 9, 1941. Captain Ojanen was then the battalion commander.


Excerpts from War Diaries from the Military Archives of Finland

At the moment, there are just a few excerpts of various unit diaries here. Due to a personal interest, they focus on units in the Ohta sector. More to come.


Combat Report on the destruction of Ojanen's bunker, March 31, 1942

Report of the Sapper Platoon/7th Infantry Regiment on the destruction of Ojanen’s bunker

These describe the Finnish effort in March 1942 to destroy the dangerous Soviet bunker in Ohta.


Combat Report on enemy reconnaissance attack against Base 2, on July 5, 1942 at the Ohta north sector

Combat Report on enemy reconnaissance attack against "Kärki" Base, on July 5, 1942 at the Ohta north sector

These describe two simultaneous reconnaissance attacks against bases at the Ohta sector on Karelian Isthmus.


Manning in Ohta sector bases

Strength of Ohta sector bases including a map of the sector.

Private Kasarev's Diary 27.1. - 1.4.1942
A short diary found in the pocket of a Soviet Private fallen in front of the Finnish base "Kreml" in the Ohta sector.


I will add more translations here a bit by bit.

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